Why it works:
Even if you only need to recruit 1 or 2 good agents, the Real Estate Simulator will help you select the best possible agents because it gives you an objective analysis of their selling skills and personality.

It's easy to administer, just send them an email and they take the Simulator on-line, at their convenience.

Recruits new to the industry will thank you for giving them a "job preview" and at the same time you'll learn their strengths and weaknesses.
Why buy more than one?
Our experience has shown that in order to hire one good agent you need to interview at least five.

By putting each of your potential recruits through the Simulation you’ll be better informed and have an objective evaluation to compare them with.

By assessing each candidate you can make a more confident hiring decision.

Discount Price
10 28% $499.00
20 35% $899.00
50 42% $1,997.50
75 50% $2,610.00
100 56% $2,995.00


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